Translator Placements

Are you considering hiring a professional in-house translator?

If you are seeking to employ a competent long or short-term translator for your business, you have reached your destination.

But beware the pitfalls!

We have both good and bad news for you.

First, the bad news:

•                     Professional translators and interpreters are still in very short supply in the UAE.

•                     Traditional recruitment agencies can offer you neat CVs and applicants but can’t always guarantee to find you genuine,                              qualified translators.

The good news is:

•                     Al Maany Translation Services has ongoing contact with a wide network of translators. We can nominate translators                                    based on your requirements from the local or global market.

No one can evaluate the qualifications, skills and experience of a translator better than a translation agency. Al Maany Translations is that agency – the only resource you will need!