Some say the world runs on energy. Actually, it runs on words.

Words are the very building blocks of our world and civilization.

From architecture to medicine, to engineering, satellite communications, even the very structure of the way we think – simply everything in the world as we know it, is based on words. There is even the concept that God used words to create the worlds.

So we, at Al Maany Translation, take words, language and human messages, very seriously.

Translation is more than looking up a few words in a dictionary or computer program and stringing them together. It is an art form in its own right, an academic discipline aimed at conveying messages from one language and culture to another correctly. The art of translation has been studied, written about and debated for many centuries. There are many theories and studies but the bottom line is this:

Every language has its own flavour, culture, idioms and taboos. To translate a message from one language to another, one has to have a grip on both languages – as well as on their native culture and ways of thinking. This is critical in order to convey the writer’s core message – not just the words.

Al Maany can be relied upon to fulfil this basic principle of Translation successfully – and to render reliable, accurate messages that convey the meaning of the original with skill and integrity. We aim to bring you peace of mind and be a stepping-stone to your success.

Our services cover every conceivable aspect of translation and include (but are not limited) to:

·         Document Translations

·         Technical Translations

·         Legal and Certified Translations

·         Medical Translations

·         Media Translations, Books, and Publications