Interpreter Services

Life and business in a Global City:

Al Maany Translation and Interpreting is located in the heartland of a Global City - one of the most vibrant and dynamic global communities in the world.

In this fast paced and multi-cultural, multi-lingual community, doing any kind of business – personal or corporate - might seem daunting were it not for qualified and experienced interpreters.

It is critical to source a qualified and experienced interpreter who is not only fully proficient in the languages you require – but is also fully au fait with the business culture, etiquette and ethos of the region.

Your choice of interpreter could make (or break) your personal or business endeavours!

This is where our reliable and efficient Interpreting services come into play, giving you a firm helping hand onto the platform of successful live global communication.

Our skilled and highly experienced interpreters are at hand to cater for both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation in a variety of settings such as:

·         Courts and the Legal System

·         Conferences

·         Lectures

·         Training Courses

·         Personal, business transactions and meetings