Conference Equipment


In a global, multicultural environment, such as the one we find in UAE, interpreting services often feature as an indispensable part of every conference, event or training course.

Not only is it essential that the main thrust of your message be delivered correctly, but that it is received in the light and spirit in which it was intended.

Many a company has suffered severe losses due to some unforeseen cultural faux pas. The internet is loaded with stories of monumental blunders by prominent international companies - when they have tried to launch or operate a new service in a county outside their frame of reference.

This holds true for conferences and events, making the interpreter an essential part of the process.

Where conferences are concerned, the need for specialized equipment also comes to the fore. Not only are booths required where simultaneous interpretation is required, but there is the need for highly specialized microphones, headsets, receivers, infra-red transmitters, etc.

Al Maany is fully geared to help you overcome all the headaches of sourcing the right equipment!

In addition to our interpreter services and as part of our efforts to offer comprehensive service solutions to our clients, we provide state-of-the art simultaneous interpretation equipment rentals for conferences, seminars, meetings, forums, etc.

These include:

-          Audipack Sound Proof Interpretation Booths

-          Bosch Headsets and Receivers

-          Bosch Interpreters’ Microphones

-          Bosch  Central Control Units

-          Digital Radiators

-          Sound System

-          Sound Engineers

Whatever your need – whether big or small, Al Maany Translation and Interpreter Services are here to help you launch your event with the maximum success!